Organizational Culture Lessons from the Philadelphia Eagles

Organizational Culture Lessons from the Philadelphia Eagles

In 2013, the Philadelphia Eagles thought bringing in a successful coach (on the collegiate level) to finally help with their playoff woes, would help it reach the goal of winning its first-ever Super Bowl. Instead, what it got was a team leader who created more problems — something everyone in the business world can appreciate. read more »

It’s Time to Start the Year Off Right

Setting goals is one way to be successful at whatever challenge you undertake. And 2018 should be no exception. For example, many have fitness goals, and January is a great time to get a fresh start on one’s fitness. Even if you don’t buy into resolutions, the end of the holiday season is a great read more »

Worst Sales Call Ever

Once upon a time there was this sales professional interviewing for a job that they really wanted. During their job interview, the interviewer asked them to describe the worst sales call that they’ve ever had. The sales professional then went on to talk about and describe the following key points… ·It was a situation where read more »

3 Leadership Questions for Sales Managers Youtube Recap

We had a great week working with a group of 20 sales managers on how to better lead their teams and had to share a few questions you should ask yourself that will help you better lead your team! 1.  Is your team all rowing in the same direction that supports the mission & are read more »

5 Quick Tips for Business Leaders from the Sports World

You’ve probably heard the age old story of the little girl who, while helping her mother cook a holiday meal for the entire family asks, “Mom, why are you cutting the ends off of the ham before you put it in the oven?” The mother responds, “Well, you know what dear, I’m not totally sure, read more »

5-year old steals the show from PGA Tour Legends

This past Saturday night my wife Vicki and I were invited to the First-Tee Gala, part of the SAS Champions Tour Event. Both events were held at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC, where our family lives. The First-Tee put on a fantastic event with over 300 people in attendance. A handful of the Champions read more »

Are Your Questions Mundane or Maximized for Impact?

So here’s the problem: too often sales people ask questions as if they’re just taking a survey, gathering information, or “checking the box.” As you go through your regular routine with a prospect you may ask, “What made you call in today?” Or worse yet, “Thanks for calling . . .” followed by 10 minutes read more »

Highway “U”

So you’re driving down the highway with cruise control on “double nickels” or perhaps a few miles per hour faster than that. What are you doing? What’s going through your mind? If you recently got your license hopefully you’re intently focused on being safe and not violating any traffic laws. Sounds smart, keep doing that! read more »

Cold-calling isn’t fun . . . so now what?

Cold calling is, without a doubt, one of the most looming challenges salespeople face. Just getting up the nerve to pick up the phone, let alone actually talking to someone, can bring about a range of emotions from exhilarating to exhausting. Then the real work starts when you hear, “Bob here?” Oh no!!! It’s a read more »

March Madness Challenge

It’s estimated that during the first week of March Madness over 77 million employees will spend at least one hour of work time filling out brackets. Millions more will spend three or more hours online checking their grid, e-mailing co-workers, watching games online, etc. During the opening round an employee on the west coast can read more »

Impossible is Nothing

I was running a sales division of Adidas back in 2000 when I first became aware of the slogan that Adidas was running with at the time, “Impossible is Nothing.” Adidas had actually been using the tag line for years. Inspired by the great Muhammad Ali who was quoted as saying, “Impossible is just a read more »