3 Tips to Steer Clear of Potential Burnout at Work

Burnout is the physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

To avoid it, it’s important to know your breaking point and know when you’re close to burning out. Noticing when you’re close to burning out can help you take a step back and evaluate your situation.

Yes, it is possible to fight, prevent and avoid this phenomenon completely.

Even with a busy schedule, you can steer clear of the potential burning out that comes with life.

Here are three tips to take care of yourself mentally and physically:

Unplugging and Unwinding

Take that much needed vacation or staycation. Unplug from the world.

Spend time with those you love. No need to pack any work-related devices (yes, this includes your laptop). Turn off all notifications and don’t even think about opening up that email.

If you’re even tempted to check in at the office, go ahead and turn off your devices.

Live in the present. Meditate. Take deep breaths, and take in the moments and enjoy time away from work.

However, don’t forget to spend time alone. Soak up the quiet and focus on your breathing, even if just for a few minutes. Self-care is serious.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

You guessed it, exercise is one of the many ways you can recharge your body and brain.

Learn to love it. It has many benefits, not just physically, but mentally.

Working out allows you to focus on just you and your work out. It’s necessary for clearing your mind of all the stresses that come with life. Overwhelmed and stressed after a day at work? Go for a walk, run, or bike ride to experience a powerful high afterwards.

Taking breaks

Noticing when you’re close to the burnout stage can be crucial for your well-being.

When you notice yourself getting closer and closer, schedule free time for yourself and take that break you know you need.

Literally blocking off time on your schedule for yourself is important. Schedule it just like you would schedule a meeting.

Go get your nails done, go for a walk, grab a bite to eat or just listen to music.

You’ll come back feeling refreshed and more productive. You’ll be more engaged and confident to continue to tackle the day.

There are many other steps and tricks to take to avoid burnout. Take some time, do some research, and learn what works best for you, your habits and your lifestyle. You will find your balance.

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