Are Your Questions Mundane or Maximized for Impact?

So here’s the problem: too often sales people ask questions as if they’re just taking a bored businesswoman resizedsurvey, gathering information, or “checking the box.” As you go through your regular routine with a prospect you may ask, “What made you call in today?” Or worse yet, “Thanks for calling . . .” followed by 10 minutes of telling them how great your company and/or product is.

ANYONE can ask those questions and read the company brochure’s features and benefits page. If your vocal power is lacking and you sound more like a temp making minimum wage than the superstar version of yourself, you’re NOT communicating with IMPACT! You’re failing to inspire and engage your prospect and in the end you will do just that, fail.

How about this instead?

“Jane, great to speak with you this morning, you know…it’s been my experience that when a VP like yourself calls in personally to learn about our services, they usually fall into one of two buckets. They’re either totally fed up with their current situation for one reason or another, or their situation is about to change forcing THEM to do the same. Give me an idea if you fit into one of those categories or is it for another reason all together?”

See the difference? Do you hear the difference? Now you’ve got them engaged!

Ihappy businesswoman on phone resizedn our example we employed Strategic Credibility Plugs (SCP’s) and powerfully demonstrated that we work with her title and people like her on a regular basis. We let Jane know that we know her space and that we know how to fix her problems. Ultimately we wanted Jane to feel our confidence and vocal power…even in the way that we framed our questions!

Do this: make a list of the top questions that you need to ask your prospects during discovery mode. Take those questions and practice recording HOW you can ask them to maximize impact and engage your prospects. Frame those questions so that you come across as the industry expert that you are! Your prospects will never confuse you for someone checking the box or taking a survey again. Congratulations, you just got closer to becoming the OUTSTANDING version of yourself! Good luck and go practice!

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