Becoming Wildly Successful at Sales

Becoming a successful salesperson all begins with you.

It starts with your goals and your desire to be the most outstanding version of yourself. And the difference between a good salesperson and a bad salesperson can be drastic.

Consistently hitting quota and earning the trust and respect from prospects and clients is crucial and a referral-based selling system plays a huge part in that. That’s because referrals move the needle faster than any other skill, tip or technique you’ll ever learn from anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Biggest Secret in the Business

Did you know, 88 percent of clients are willing to give referrals, but only 8 percent are ever even asked?

Referral-based selling techniques are the biggest secret in the game. And top sales reps are often the ones, who are the best at earning, asking for and receiving referrals.

Effective sales reps have the habit of building and maintaining relationships to begin the referral selling process.

Cold Calls vs. Referrals

Around 90 percent of cold calls go to voicemail and less than 5 percent of those will actually ever call you back.

Cold-calling consists of targeting random prospects and interrupting their schedule. It can definitely be effective if done properly, but there are other ways to sell for efficiently.

Referrals allow for trust to be built before you even speak with a prospect. This is because you are introduced to someone that the target already knows, trusts, likes and respects.

You’re already on their good side.

Referrals also allow you to find more qualified clients that fit your ideal client profile.

If done correctly, referrals will have you outselling every other rep that is not utilizing a referral-based system.

To learn more about how referrals can help you become wildly successful at sales, click here.

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