Highway “U”

So you’re driving down the highway with cruise control on “double nickels” or perhaps a trafficfew miles per hour faster than that. What are you doing? What’s going through your mind? If you recently got your license hopefully you’re intently focused on being safe and not violating any traffic laws. Sounds smart, keep doing that!

What about the rest of us? Well, we should focus on staying safe too, but I’m guessing you often do other things. You might enjoy your favorite radio station or playlist, listen to the big game, or maybe a talk show. Either way there are a lot of advertisers paying for air space while we “waste” our time driving.

At the end of the year what did you accomplish with this “dead time?” Not much, right? That’s ok, but think about how you COULD use that time.

Depending on which study you read, the average person spends just over 600 hours in their car each year. What if you dedicated even half of that time to investing in your professional development? Would that be valuable? Of course it would!

You can get an entire college semester’s worth of education hours in your car in just months if you dedicate your drive time to professional development.

Whether you buy a book on tape, download content to your phone, or buy a CD, do what you need to do to spend some of those 600+ hours per year investing in “YOU.”

And to make sure you’re dedicated and not just dabbling, write down your plan and goals. For example, you may want to listen to one audio book every other week for the next year. At the end of the year you’ll have listened to 26 books! Just imagine how much knowledge you’ll have gained. What’s the alternative? Remembering three or four amusing things that Howard Stern said on air? Especially, if you’re driving home by yourself, this is an incredible opportunity to improve yourself.

We become what we think about. Back in 1956 Earl Nightingale called this the strangest secret in all of life. Set the tone by listening and thinking about getting better in your car. Turning your commute to and from work into a remote, mobile university on wheels will help you reach your goals.

You can nod your head and agree with this concept, or you can go do something actionable to make it happen. I hope you’ll choose the latter.

For a growing list of professional development books that New Velocity recommends, see the “About” page on our website at www.mynewvelocity.com.

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