Tips for Selling to Appeal to the 3 Different Parts of the Brain

People have three different parts of the brain that play a role in the decision-making process. Appealing to all three different portions of the brain during your selling process should be the ultimate goal. Sales professionals should deliver their message in a way that educates customers. What you say, when you say it, and how read more »

Why You Aren’t Closing Enough Deals

Sales can be extremely challenging. As a result, many sales professionals waste a fair amount of effort on leads that never close. But it’s often the approach might just have some errors in it if deals aren’t progressing. There are many common reasons why you might not be closing enough deals, but here are a read more »

Scheduling Your Day for Success

Time is our most precious commodity. It is valuable. So many of us get caught up in time, and fail to efficiently tackle our busy personal and professional schedules. Is it possible to squeeze the most success out of your day as much as you possibly can? With the help of these few tips, managing read more »

3 Tips on Managing a Sales Team of Millennials

We always hear that millennials are completely different than previous generations. Especially, the ones in the sales profession. Chances are, you’re managing a whole team (or almost) of millennial employees. Effectively managing a sales team of millennials and making an impact may require different needs and outlooks. Millennials represent a growing percentage of the workforce read more »

Two Essential Traits of an Effective Sales Professional

An outstanding sales professional should have several qualities, but there are two essential ones needed to having a successful career in sales. This one particular combination of traits is critical to success and has nothing to do with product knowledge, experience, intelligence or any other skill set. It’s a healthy balance of ego and empathy read more »

3 Tips to Becoming a More Productive Learner

These days, the average person receives an overload of information every single day. Specifically, this information is equivalent to receiving 174 newspapers, daily. And according to the Harvard Business Review, this is five times more information than we received back in 1986. Now that most companies offer online training or various types of training for read more »

The #1 Biggest Secret in Selling

Did you know 88 percent of clients are willing to give referrals, but only 8 percent are ever even asked? Referral-based selling is the biggest secret in the business. Research shows that customers prefer learning about a company through trustworthy friends and acquaintances, who have experienced it first hand, rather than getting overwhelmed with advertisements read more »

Unmasking the Multitasking Myth

The idea of multitasking sounds efficient. After all, you’re killing two birds with one stone, right? I mean, why do the tasks separately when you can just get them all done at the same time? This however, is proven to not be the fact. Surprise! People are actually not that great at multitasking. In fact, read more »

4 Quick Steps to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Knowing you have a busy week ahead of you can cause many a sleepless Sunday night, knowing what the week is going to entail. Your to-do list in your mind may seem like it’s never ending and going to be impossible to complete. During these stressful and busy times, you have to be able to read more »

4 Easy Tips for Running Efficient Meetings

We’ve all been there, stuck there sitting in a meeting that drones on and on. The meeting that never starts on time, seems unorganized and unclear. The meeting where everyone is wondering, “Why am I even here?” Here are a few tips on how to avoid draining the energy and excitement out of your employees read more »

3 Reasons Why Microlearning is Impactful

Microlearning is bite-sized learning, or brief training targeting specific learning objects as “nuggets” for maximum impact. Microlearning has been proven to change employee behavior, boost performance and provide transformative results. Many managers around the world have some of the same questions: How can we efficiently train our employees and make training stick for good? How read more »

3 Tips to Mastering Your Morning Routine

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, it might still be a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or maybe you just find yourself running low on time. Routines create stability in our lives, help with productivity, create consistency, encourage healthy habits and help with time management. Here are a read more »

The Value of Insight Selling

Only 10 percent of clients consider sales people who call them, to be solution or value-focused. Ouch! This painful statistic shows that the majority of someone’s pipeline stalls and ends with no decision made at all in the end. This is more than enough of a reason for change and to get more prospects to read more »

Engaging Learners by Utilizing Technology

Training and development have always been structured with age-old formats. Millennial workers are on the rise and training and development have begun to shift from traditional to technology driven platforms. Most modern learners are now used to using some form of technology in their learning environments. Educational research shows that 83 percent of human learning read more »

Staying Motivated After Completing a Goal

Creating a set of goals and accomplishing even just one, generates a sense of pride, accomplishment, relief and joy. Some of us may have even felt disoriented after completing a major project or winning a big sale — it may have taken just a few days, weeks, or even months. And then all of a sudden read more »

5 Lessons for Millennials Scared of Cold Calling

Honestly, what sounds scarier than phoning a stranger and trying to convince them that you have the best product or service? Millennials know what it’s like to be on the other end, considering the fact that we receive more of these phone calls than any other generation before us. And, we really do feel bad read more »

3 Lessons to Learn From the U.S. Failing to Qualify for the World Cup

The U.S. Men’s Soccer team did not make an appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. It marks the first time the nation failed to qualify for the international soccer tournament, which is held every four years, since 1986. So, with the expectations of qualifying, the outcome was even more of a disappointment read more »

Why “SPIN Selling” Still Holds Relevance Today

The sales profession has drastically changed over the years. Thankfully, a lot of the old school techniques have evolved, clients have changed and sales professionals are now problem solvers. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the old sales tactics have little or no value. Let’s take it back 30 years to 1988. SPIN SELLING read more »

Fish Instead of Hunt

Whether you are using social networking, cold calling, warm calling, or you are growing accounts, it’s important to use a fisherman’s mentality, instead of a hunter’s. That’s because no one wants to be hunted. Think about it for a second: what does an animal’s instinct tell them to do when they feel like they are read more »

Top 5 Ways to Engage Millennial Learners

The number of millennials in the global workforce continues growing at a rapid pace. However, it’s a known fact that people like myself (born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s) don’t operate the same way our parents or their parents did when they joined the workforce. So, how can you make us enthusiastic about read more »