The Importance of Tonality

As a salesperson, talking on the phone is most likely the majority of your daily tasks.

Face-to-face interaction is impossible on the phone, and you must rely on your tone of voice to play an important role. The tone of your voice can impact the outcome of your call. It determines how well someone hears you, listens to you and shows interest.

Energy and Pitch

The energy in your voice reflects your mood, personality and attitude. It shows the person your speaking to on the phone how enthusiastic you are or are not towards what you are discussing.

Therefore, give out a positive energy to your customer or prospect. Send them good vibes with the energy in your voice to maximize impact.

Pitch is the quality of sound or the degree of highness or lowness of a tone. The height and depth of your tone can make or break whether or not someone continues to engage in conversation with you.

No one wants to listen to someone that sounds like a robot reading a script, or someone, who sounds like they don’t care about what they are discussing.

Avoid using a monotonous tone of voice and pitches that are too high that might come off as irritating to the person on the other side of the phone.

Power of Positivity

Yes, this might sound cheesy, but simply putting a smile on your face while talking on the phone can completely change the tone of your voice.

Without that smile, you can come off very cold and unfriendly. No one wants to talk to someone that seems uninterested and unhappy.

This only counts if you’re showing teeth while smiling, to sound more natural and genuine.

Reflect the power of positivity to your customer with the help of smiling. Remember, smiles are contagious.

The tone in your voice can make or break a sale. Especially when talking with a complete stranger, you have to focus on the tone of your voice. Communicating effectively without body language all comes down to you and that the person you’re talking with understands that you are someone worth listening to.

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