Worst Sales Call Ever

Once upon a time there was this sales professional interviewing for a job that they really wanted. During their job interview, the interviewer asked them to describe the worst sales call that they’ve ever had. The sales professional then went on to talk about and describe the following key points…

·It was a situation where they failed to connect with a potential high volume account.

·They had an opportunity to sell several different products into multiple locations but failed to execute.

·The buyer, an experienced decision maker, enjoyed making the sales experience difficult because the sales person was fairly new & less experienced.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. This situation happens all the time when we get a question or objection from a prospect or customer. The response was “fine” but how does the prospect or buyer who asked the question feel after hearing the response? Kind of like, ah, okay, check the box…logical & fair answer…I guess. Just like when a sales professional is talking to a prospect and rambles on about their products feature & benefits…

Logical responses by themselves rarely lead to action as they fail to INSPIRE anyone listening. If the answer had included 3 or even 33 additional points, would that change anything? Not really. Simply adding more information with the same delivery may have made the answer even worse.

You see, facts & figures or data dumps rarely inspire change or lead to desired results. In our mock story above, we used an example of someone being interviewed and being asked to describe the worst sales call that they ever had.

In the short video below we asked our President Chris Daltorio to describe his worst sales call ever. Instead of using bullet points, he uses the power of story-telling to draw you in and makes for a more impactful message…check it out in this quick 2-minute video…

Everybody has had a bad sales call. Think back to the worst sales call you’ve ever had. Could you have made that call better if you had a powerful story to inspire your buyer to change? Respond in the comments we would love to hear your story!

Bottom line:
Remember, don’t bore your prospects with features & benefits. Use a story to get maximum impact and close that deal!

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