Courses That Connect

Each course is taught both ONLINE and ONSITE, with ONGOING Reinforcement as the key to making it stick.

Prospecting & Approaching

Target Talk

Getting prospects to call you back and what to say when they do!

Closing & Presenting

Advanced Closing Techniques

Learn 18 different techniques to close the sale - techniques your entire sales force can benefit from.

Importance of Tonality

Learn how to adjust your pitch, pace, tone, melody and volume to match the selling situation.

Listening Your Way to the Sale

Listening is a critical part of the sales process. Learn how to be an outstanding listener and why it’s so important to your success.

The Art of Selling

Responding to resistance: how to effectively respond to any resistance you face.

The D1S2 Selling System

Connect, discover, deliver and close. Boost your sales 35% or more with the D1S2 Selling System

Follow Up & Referrals

River of Referrals

Learn how to become referable, how to ask for referrals and what to do with a referral once you earn it.

Leadership Development

Managerial Courage

Expectations, accountability, relationships, trust and feedback: the five steps to mastering managerial courage.