Sales professionals should understand that closing is something that you’re doing for the client not to the client. Sounds wonderful in theory, right? Unfortunately too many presentations end with no clear direction. Most sales professionals have just one way to close a deal. It’s important to master a range of closing techniques as each client and selling situation is different. In this class reps will learn 18 advanced closing techniques that they can start using right away.

Begin with the end in mind! . . . Listen early to close later!

During the discovery stage your reps are learning what problem they’re trying to solve. All presentations should lead toward solving the client’s issue and winning the business. Everything else is just “noise.”

Baby Step Close . . . As cute & easy as it sounds

Sometimes reps aren’t closing the opportunity. They’re just trying to move closer to it. Do your reps even know the steps needed to close each client? They will after this course.

One “Ask” Close . . . Setting the stage for success

In this technique reps put their biggest fear out on the table and ask the client to solve it for them. They’ll avoid going into “chase” mode by professionally introducing them to their one rule. Wait until you learn what it is!

The Classics! . . . Assumptive close, Colombo close, & Impending Event close

3 classics that have stood the test of time because they’re effective. We put a new spin on each to make them sound more genuine.

The Voodoo Close . . . Stick the pin in them!

Okay, maybe not. Put your reps will use what they learned in discovery to show the client that saying, “Yes” is the only thing that makes sense.

Power of Legitimacy Close . . . It’s in writing, must be legit, right?

Reps can shorten the time to yes by doing a lot of work ahead of time. In this technique they’ll document it on an agreement and work from there as “ground zero.” It’s amazing how often a deal can be closed off of a well-prepared document.

The Challenge Close . . . Professionally done, of course!

Well prepared and framed challenge statements all you to ask or state the market intelligence, data, and facts necessary to get the prospect to step back and reconsider when you feel as if you’re losing them.

The Suggestive & S.C.P closing techniques . . . Just Net it Out

Sometimes your reps just need to call “BS” on a client. If framed correctly, the client will smile and sign on the dotted line. This technique comes with high risk & high reward, but we’ll show your reps how to minimize the risk because they’ll know when this method is appropriate.

Demo, Quantify & Artistic 8 Closing options . . . Find the right one for you

Many other options for closing to choose from.

Go from knowing them to owning them! . . . Confidence is Key

Our word-by-word role-play sessions will take your reps from knowing only a few ways to try to close a deal to mastering the delivery of several.