Face to face or over the phone and even in e-mail, very few of us communicate as well as we could, or as well as we should. This course is designed to make sure that you sound like the superstar version of yourself. Just like in actors & actresses practice HOW they deliver their message, so should sales professionals. We sell for a living, isn’t it time that we excel at it?

Manager Dilemma …”Our reps have been misled”

If trained at all, 99% of sales professionals are coached on what to say with scripts but never taught HOW to say what they want to say. Conviction vanishes!

Your Voice: It’s your secret weapon and you didn’t even know it! . . . Start communicating with Impact!

The words that your reps use are the smallest piece of the communication pie. Be sure that the sound of their voice is making their audience feel and see what they feel and see as well.


From Rocky Balboa to Mike Tyson and everyone in-between, we all have our normal PITCH. Your reps will learn how to practice their pitch and become more self aware of exactly what their normal pitch is, and the range they’re capable of. They’ll sound, “pitch appropriate” because they’ll be “pitch appropriate.”


Most of us talk too quickly and our impact with prospects and clients suffers because of it. However, speak too s-l-o-w-l-y and you risk losing your audience even quicker. Your reps will participate in exercises and role-plays to evaluate and improve the pace of the words they use to communicate.


Calm & comforting is OUTSTANDING for customer service but a bit more confidence & conviction is necessary to inspire a complacent prospect. Reps will learn much more about what their tone is really communicating to their audience and learn why tonality is #1 in the 5 components that make up their voice.


The strategic lift and fall of our words is not manipulative in any way…it’s required to bring the message that you have to life and resonate with your audience. Reps will stop boring their listeners and learn melody to INSPIRE!


90% of us speak too quietly, but there’s nothing as annoying as a “loud talker.” We’ll investigate the right volume for different situations so your reps can to drive their message home and earn more yeses.

It’s all Situational

Dealing with gatekeepers, going for the close, opening the dialogue, negotiating, overcoming objections and much more. We’ll cover exactly how sales reps should balance the 5 components of their voice in multiple selling situations.

Shed the Fear of Public Speaking

We shouldn’t fear it, but we do. Not any longer. A simple no-nonsense approach so your team can make an impactful & memorable delivery to larger audiences.


What does your e-mail tone saying about you? Especially with younger generations, e-mail is playing an ever-increasing role in business. Your team will learn if they’re making money or giving it to your competitors with the tone of their e-mail communication. Quick hint…even most managers stink at this one!!