Sometimes we communicate poorly or even lose sales because of what we fail to hear, not what we fail to say. Many managers and leaders agree, but they rarely focus on their team’s listening skills. This course was developed to solve that problem. Below are some highlights of what this fun & interactive course is all about and the problems it solves for your team.

In one ear and out the other! . . . Passive Listening

Listening vs. hearing is an ongoing battle that we’ll all have throughout our lives. Understanding what the speaker really wants you to understand and letting them know that you do understand them will separate you from mediocre listeners.

Stay active with Active Listening! . . . 4-types of Active listening

Active listening with an ego bias, active listening with empathy, informational & critical listening. Your team will understand all four and when each is appropriate.

Don’t ask your spouse! . . . Rate your listening IQ

Family, friends, co-workers and just about everyone in our lives has an opinion of our listening skills based on both our verbal and non-verbal feedback. How is your team doing?

Interruptitious! . . . IR needed! (Invest & Resist)

One of the best ways to let someone know that you don’t want to listen is to interrupt them? Why do we do this? Your team will find out why and how to STOP fast.

The Listening Process . . . Selective attention & Automatic attention…

The 4-step listening process starts with paying attention but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll cover all four and help your reps become much better communicators by listening to win.

Memory? . . . Is yours fading?

Your memory may be fading but it’s easier than you think to fix this common problem. Working Memory, short-term & long-term memory all get a boost with this session.

Battle of the sexes … Men & women naturally listen differently. Who would have guessed?

While experts tell us that the difference is truly in our DNA, and bad news for the guys is that women are naturally better listeners. The good news is that the guys can compete, we just need to know how. We’ll focus on this to enhance your team’s listening skills.

Note the notes . . . Putting it in writing works

Research shows that effective note taking can boost our understanding and performance greatly. Reps will learn how and they’ll never go back to the old way.

80/20 rule . . . You’ve heard it, how do you do it?

You’ve heard that great listeners do as little as 20% of the talking. We don’t think these numbers are very far off, but how can we change a lifetime of bad habits? We’ll show your team how and practice the tips & techniques in class.

Listen to learn! . . . You’ll get your turn…

The overwhelming majority of us listen only to respond, not to understand. We’ll coach your team on truly understanding the other person’s point (even if they don’t agree) so they’ll be in a position to communicate like the superstar version of themselves.