Managerial Courage is your roadmap to becoming a better sales manager. In this course you’ll discover why relationships matter and develop the skills to nurture them. You’ll also learn how to clear expectations in order to create a culture of accountability that leads to stability and success.

What is Managerial Courage? . . . The definition

Developing the capacity to communicate with candor and a balance of ego & empathy; providing current, direct, complete and “actionable” positive and corrective feedback; willingness to take action when necessary and without hesitation.

Managerial Courage Compass . . . 5 Key Principles

The Golden Rule, Take Risks, Be Prepared, The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow, & The law of 1,000.

Clear Expectations . . . Avoid the vague

S.M.A.R.T. model including the “how to” in your direction/expectation

Creating a culture of Accountability . . . Solve the problems or maximize the opportunities

Managers must be 100% accountable. Everyone must adhere to this commitment regardless of his or her level. Develop a process that identifies problems & opportunities.

Relationships Matter . . . Built on what foundation?

Relationships that include Trust, Honesty, Fairness, Respect, & Open Communication allow for healthy and effective working relationships and partnerships.

An Atmosphere of Trust . . . It’s all about Trust

Creating a trusting environment will allow managers to have the “difficult” conversations. Employees will know you have their best interest at heart, you’re trying to improve their skills and that you’re being honest in an effort to help them.

The Importance of Coaching . . . Employee’s want it but…

Managers are often reluctant to provide coaching. Employees often want coaching from their managers, using the newly gained insight they receive as a stepping-stone towards their on-going learning.

Coaching or Feedback? . . . .Get the most from your team

Listening to understand or to respond? Partners or controls? Be sure you’re communicating for impact.

Making it about them . . . Give them time

The best managers in the world are leaders who earn the respect of their team. Be sure you’re dedicating time towards your most valuable resource, your people.

Situational Awareness . . . One size does not fit all

Cookie cutter managers need not apply for today’s leadership positions. Be prepared to be a leader regardless of the situation you find yourself in.