River of Referrals

Course Description:

There are two reasons that all sales organizations fall short of monetizing their existing client base and other connectors, when it comes to referrals-based selling.

First off, the forget — it has never been a focal point of the sales process or the client conversation process up until now. Secondly, they’re not totally comfortable in scenarios where they actually have to ask for the referral.

Nothing will help you 2x, 4x, 10x search for new logos like getting your companies “river” flowing. The River of Referrals course has helped companies of all sizes earn new business faster than any other business development system.

Fact: Less than 5 percent of all sales people are dedicated to a referral-based process, yet more than 95 percent of the top two percenters state that virtually all of their new business comes from referrals.

What You Will Learn:

Attitude is Everything
A greatly improved mindset. Confidence is a true game changer. Post training surveys prove that sales professionals’ trepidation when it comes to actually asking for the referral drops dramatically as they feel empowered for anything and everything that could come their way.

A second dose of attitude and mindset adjustment:






The M-Y-T-O-P mindset is critical to the ongoing results that you’ll be looking to achieve.  The River of Referrals is not just about checking the box. It’s actionable and repeatable. However, culture eats strategy for lunch. Therefore, extra efforts are put into teaching your team why its balance of ego and empathy is critical to their success. We want them to have a complete mind shift and reframe the way they’ve been looking at the client-vendor/partner relationship.

When it comes to the River, it’s all about the ARCC (Ask, Receive, Convert and Close)

The Ask and the Receive
Often, clients want to refer us, but they don’t know how to. Sales teams will learn how to control the narrative and maintain momentum. We’ll discuss the best way to ask for and receive referrals during face-to-face interactions, over the phone, and via e-mail. We promise a new and complete methodology that is better than what your team is currently doing.

Just because almost 90 percent are willing to give referrals, does not mean that your connector knows how to properly give a referral.

Convert to an Initial Meeting
Once you receive the referral, we’ll teach you a step-by-step process on following-up (custom templates included in your workshop) to convert the referral from your connector into an initial meeting with your prospect that fits your ideal client profile and who trusts your connector.

Convert to the Close — Trust
Referrals are all about the close. Because of one word, trust, you’ll close 4x – 20x more prospects. Remember that nothing gets you to close faster than trust.

Developing a referral-based business will outsell cold calling or any other form of prospecting and approaching four to 20 times over. Numbers never lie.

Acting Referable — Being a “Go-giver” before being a “Go-getter”
Sales professionals need to bring this to the forefront of their minds and ask themselves, “What do I need to do to earn trust?”

Acting on Referrals — Time Kills All Deals
Not acting on a newly-earned referral should be considered disappointing to the superstar version of your sales reps. We’ll teach them exactly how to monetize their newly-earned referral.

Beyond the River of Referrals
R90X is an optional supplemental program where we provide an additional workbook that acts as a scorecard for a 90-day program that gets the entire company involved. Teams can be formed to add in an additional competitive spirit. It’s not uncommon for new business goals to be absolutely shattered by taking this action-oriented program.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is designed for anyone who interacts with people that can introduce you to prospects that fit your ideal client profile. While sales professionals responsible for new business activity are the primary audience, it’s not uncommon for solution architects, project managers or others who earn thanks and praise from current clients, to benefit from the content as well.