Networking is important and has its place, but sales reps need a simple, repeatable process -our system – that can get their River of Referrals flowing from the network they already have. We’ll teach your team how to become more referable in the first place, how to ask for referrals, and what to do with referrals once they earn them. Nothing is a bigger waste of money than earning a referral and then failing to follow up – that stops now!

Close 4x – 20x More Prospects . . . Nothing Gets You to the Close Faster

Developing a referral-based business will outsell cold calling or any other form of prospecting & approaching four to twenty times over. Numbers never lie!

Less than 5% of Sales Professionals Do It . . . Stop Dabbling, Start Dedicating

Less than 5% of sales professionals are dedicated to a referral-based business. Learning an easy-to-use, repeatable system will stop that now!

Learn All About MY TOP . . . Monetize Yourself Through Other People

Referral-based selling is the furthest thing from sounding needy; it’s how customers want to meet us.

This Comes First! . . . Earn the Referral

If you haven’t earned the right for a referral, don’t ask! We’ll teach your team how to become referable and how to know if they’ve already completed this important first step.

Be a “GoGiver” Before a GoGetter . . . Acting Referable

In the professional world, sales professionals need to bring this to the forefront of their minds and ask themselves, “What do I need to do to earn trust?”

88% of Clients are Willing, But Only 8% Are Asked! . . . Ask for the Referral

How can this be? We’ll discuss roadblocks and show your team exactly how to ask for referrals.

Clients Want to Refer Us . . . But They Don’t Know How

We’ll teach your team how to control the narrative and maintain momentum. We’ll discuss the best way to ask for and receive referrals during face-to-face interactions, over the phone, and via e-mail. A new, complete methodology that is better than what your team is currently doing.

Time Kills All Deals . . . Acting on Referrals

Not acting on a newly earned referral is a slap in the face to the superstar version of your sales reps. We’ll show them exactly how to monetize their newly earned referral.

Connect, Frame, Ignite, Meet and Follow-up . . . The 5-Step River of Referrals System

We’ll walk you through every step of our 5-Step River of Referrals System. Our talk-tracks and scripts will act as road maps to maximize your success. We’ll also help you develop e-mail templates to use to ignite the introductions that will increase your business.