Course Description:

More than 97 percent of cold call attempts go straight to voicemail and less than 3 percent of those are ever returned.

Our award-winning business development course titled, Target Talk, is specifically-designed to combat cold calling results that are downright frigid. By the end of this course, learners can expect up to 20X results from their business development calls.

What You Will Learn:

Attitude is Everything
A greatly improved mindset. Confidence is a true game changer. Post training surveys prove that sales professionals’ trepidation when it comes to cold calling drops dramatically as they feel empowered for anything and everything that could come their way.

Gatekeepers be Gone!
Gatekeepers are usually more prepared to get rid of unwanted calls than business development reps are in handling them. Starting with the gatekeeper greeting and including responding to their objections — exactly, word-by-word — what to say and how to say it.

Getting to the Decision Maker
By utilizing New Velocity’s T+1 process, learners will be able to have meaningful conversations with decision makers — who can say, “yes!” and approve the budget needed. On average, utilizing the T+1 process will yield 3.1 new names of executives involved in the decision-making process — 43 percent more stakeholders are involved in a  typical B2B purchase decision compared to just three years ago.

Leaving the Right Message
This is a fan favorite — select companies as large as Fortune 100’s like Oracle, to small and mid-size companies like Rosetta Stone, have all been blown away by this revolutionary new concept when it comes to leaving a business development voice mail message that, imagine this, actually gets returned. SDR’s and anyone in search of new logos absolutely loves this.

Making the Right Impression
Your prospect just picked up and answered, “Hello, this is Jamie Smith…”

Are your reps responding in a way to inspire the prospect to say, think or feel, ”Hmm, this call seems different, this person sounds like they may actually add value.”  Or, are they failing to have an initial response that inspires? Unfortunately, more than 9.5 out of 10 sales managers say it’s the latter. New Velocity’s Introduce/Impress/Advance (IIA) statements are customized to help virtually eliminate this issue and 10X the confidence of your team. Remember, having courage changes everything.

Responding to Resistance
Customized responses to deal with resistant decision makers who may be caught off guard. At this stage of the process some version of “Not Me”, “Not Now”, “Not Ever” responses are what we must master to move forward. With the training and preparation from Target Talk — mission accomplished.

Project 35
A customized plan for the 35 percent of prospects who won’t return phone calls.  The average prospect needs approximately eight touches before they engage. The average sales rep gives up after less than two prospecting attempts. See the problem, a.k.a., opportunity?

By combining voice mails, e-mails and utilizing LinkedIn in-mails, we will demonstrate a repeatable, coachable process that will have a huge impact on your pipeline.

Market Intelligence
While this class does not do a deep-dive on market intelligence (See Professor vs. Politician: Monetizing your message via the power of insight selling), it does introduce the importance of focusing on “their” issues and not leading with “your” solutions.  Less about you, more about them. How can that ever be a bad thing?

Who Should Take This Course:

Anyone in sales dealing with multiple stake holders and is typically not the low price alternative. This content is ideal for less experienced sales professionals to avoid beginning bad habits including selling on price. This course is even stronger for more experienced sales professionals that have been making mistakes but have been unaware up until now.

Note: This course is also widely popular for marketers, subject matter experts, solution architects and sales consultants.