If your cold calling results are downright frigid, you need Target Talk. In this course your staff will learn how to get a prospect to return their cold calls, and know exactly what to say when they do. Nearly 85% of cold call attempts go straight to voicemail, and less than 5% of those are ever returned. After this game-changing course, you can expect cold call return rates of 65% or more

Reps who take our Target Talk class will leave with key takeaways that will impact their business almost immediately

93% is Attitude! … How to Change “Got” to “Get”

Changing the way you look at things actually makes things change. Your sales success is closely tied to your mindset. Learn how to remain OUTSTANDING throughout the entire prospecting process.

1 of 4 Gatekeepers are Ready to Stop You, Who’s PREPARED? … The Two Bucket Principle

Learn the greeting that gets you past the front door and the questions that help build rapport. Three power options to deal with any Gatekeeper resistance- you WILL get to your target.

Heavy Phones are Quota Killers! … Call Reluctancy is Often #1 Pitfall

Watch first hand while your reps actually become excited to pick up the phone again. Preparation + Education = Excitement.

You’ve Heard Call Higher, But Now You’ll Actually Learn How! … T+1 Process

Introducing the T+1 Process. Start talking to the real decision makers, people who can say YES and approve budget toward your solution.

A Fraction of Preparation is All That’s Really Needed … 2 Minute Drill

Decipher what’s important and what’s not in preparation for cold calling. Learn to prepare quicker, better and get your call metrics where they need to be.

Honestly, Do You Return Voicemail Messages From Vendors? 97% do NOT… Introducing the Fab 4 Voicemail Messages

Three easy to repeat, easy to customize sentences that accelerate return call rates to >65%. This is a game changer!

Your Prospect Just Picked Up or Called Back… NOW WHAT? … I/I/A: Introduce, Impress, Advance

Word by word introductions and impress statements are developed to sound different than your competition and advance past the danger zone. Now they actually want to talk to you- who would have thunk it?

Ever Have a Cold Call Prospect Not Thrilled For Your Call? … Responding to Resistance

Let’s face it, you caught them off guard. If your I/I/A statement does not do the trick, resistance comes in one of three forms- not me, not now, not ever. Don’t worry, we’ve got them all covered.

On average prospects become customers on the 7th or 8th attempt. Reps usually quit trying after 1 attempt. See the problem? … Project 35

Your prospect touch plan for the 35% that don’t call you back. The success stories here are legendary.

Knowledge is Power! … Introduction to Market Intelligence

Sharing valuable insight about your industry and space is 10x as powerful as product knowledge. Learn how to weave key market intelligence into your conversations to maximize impact.