Course Description:

Think of the number one objection that your reps hear on a daily basis: over the phone, via e-mail or even face-to-face. Do they own a response that flows naturally and gives the listener cause to pause?

Usually not, and it’s costing you and your sales professionals money.

This award-winning course is highly-customized to maximize arming your sales professionals with solutions of what they should be saying and how they should be saying it, when resistance is thrown their way. Objection handling is easier when reps are competent and confident. The first comes with market intelligence and the second with practice. Both are covered in this fun and fast-paced course.

Remember, there are only seven objections in all of sales (not 700). Not having the ideal response to each is simply a lack of planning and preparation.

What You Will Learn:

The 6/7/8 system
Learners will utilize the 6 P’s (Prior, Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance) to the 7 O’s, while using the Artistic 8.

With more than half of client loyalty coming from the verbal interactions with sales professionals, your team needs to be prepared to win. Too many sales professionals wing it when it comes to objection handling versus having a quick and easy to use two-step system.

The 7 O’s
This course identifies the seven different types of objections that reps hear on a daily basis and how to prepare for them. Pre-work goes into taking the seven various buckets and filling them with your custom examples of ideal responses. Learners will be prepared and confident beginning immediately, and for the rest of their careers.

The Artistic 8
While there are numerous ways to respond to resistance, this course focuses on the top eight ways to influence the behavior and previous mindset of your audience (prospects/clients). Working on what to say and how to say it is what the artistic side of sales is all about. Managers will also learn how to audit the rep-client conversations to be sure they’re growing with both the competence of what they’re saying as well as the style in which they deliver.

A 1968 Harvard Business School study states that the number one indicator of top performing sales professionals was the perfect balance of ego and empathy. This course discusses why having too much ego makes you a jerk, and not having enough can have clients walk all over you. The same goes with empathy. While some of us have it naturally, others struggle in this area. This course teaches balance and being able to identify what it looks like and sounds like so it’s repeatable. 

Shark Tank
Who doesn’t love the hit ABC show, “Shark Tank”? This course reviews clips and shows how to dissect where sellers nail it and where they flub it. Additionally, the course discusses client facing situations.

Sales Simulations
Throughout the course, learners will practice via word-by-word role play, instructor led role-play, small group role-play (alternating buyer/seller/observer) and then bring it all together with sales professionals’ rapid response role-play in front of the entire group. 

R90X is our optional extreme referral program, where we provide additional workbooks that act as a scorecard for a 90-day program that gets the entire company involved. Teams can be formed to add in an extra competitive spirit. It’s not uncommon for new business goals to be absolutely shattered during this action-oriented event. 

Who Should Take This Course:
This course is designed for sales professionals of all levels. We all hear objections on a daily basis but less than five percent of clients have a repeatable process for making the ideal response a culture norm. Newer reps will learn from more experienced reps, yes. However, even the most tenured reps walk away wishing they had this course much earlier in their career. It’s also ideal for managers to listen in and be able to identify the details of what to say and how to say it. Their new skills in identifying all that goes into the Art of Selling allows them to up their coaching game.