Are objections stopping your sales reps in their tracks? If so, this course will have them seeing less red – and earning more green. In The Art of Selling they’ll learn to respond to resistance through a simple two-step process that’s highly effective and easy to master.

The 6 P’s for Successful Selling

Two plus two equals what? Three plus three equals? Everyone knew what answers to respond with immediately. But how about when a prospect says, “I think we’re pretty happy with our current vendor, thanks anyhow.” Now what? Reps often stumble and bumble and deliver a less than optimal response. Preparation stops this now.

The 7 O’s

Every objection that we hear on a daily basis fits into 1 of 7 categories. (The 7 O’s). Reps will learn what these 7 categories are so they’re always ready to overcome any objection they hear. Just 7, not 7,000!

The Artistic 8

Your team will learn to frame their responses better so they can watch the impact ignite their prospect into action. One size does not fit all so the Artistic 8 gives your team multiply ways to frame responses that fit their personality and the exact situation.

Overcoming objections- 2 Step Process

Responding to resistance has never been easier. We have a simple two step process to overcome objections, its all your reps need!

The 6-Pack of Selling

There are 3 things that are consistent in every selling situation and 3 potential outcomes in every situation. Reps often forget to simplify the sales process. Getting back to basics is what the 6-pack is all about.

Emotional v.s Informational needs

The vast majority of us can never truly understand the buyers perspective because we can’t stop looking through our “lens.” You’ve heard of being customer-centric, now your team will learn how to actually do it!

The Balanced Sales Professional- Ego and Empathy

A Harvard business study lists this as the #1 trait of top sales professionals. The key to becoming the best they can be is to have a balance of Ego and Empathy. We will teach your team how!

The 4 C’s to being OUTSTANDING

Say what you really want to say. Reps will learn how to shape their personality and selling style with the 4 C’s!

  1. Candor
  2. Confidence
  3. Charisma
  4. Conviction

The Money Box

Every good conversation begins with good listening! Your team will learn how to listen for and note buyers’ key emotional words. Those words provide your reps with the knowledge to fix their clients’ issues and close sales.

Creating an Environment of Errors

Yes, we want mistakes!Our word-by-word role-play scenarios are designed to allow your team to learn from their mistakes and not fear them. Having this open mind set is critical to on-going learning and self-improvement.