The D1S2 process is a must for all sales professionals. If sales reps don’t have a process, they don’t have a roadmap for success. Processes simply make things better! Introducing a simple and repeatable process that allows reps individuality while also providing guardrails to keep the process flowing. Managers rave that D1S2 promotes targeted feedback about how deals are won or lost, allowing reps to improve and become superstar versions of themselves.

This 1 or 1.5 day class is often combined with the Advanced Closing Techniques class.

WE Talk too much! . . . D1S2 solves the biggest problem in sales!

Sales reps shouldn’t talk about features & benefits until it’s time. Discover First, Sell Second! There’s a right time for reps to give an OUTSTANDING pitch, the problem is 90% of reps give it too often and too early.

Process? Why? . . . 3 of 4 companies have one but…

Studies show that while many companies admit to having a sales process, the vast majority agree that it’s not being followed. The D1S2 Selling System is sophisticated only in its simplicity. Reps do it, so it works.

Like, Trust, & Respect . . . Sometimes we make it too complicated

All things being equal, prospects are going to buy from people that they like. Reps will earn how to connect over the phone and face-to-face with all types of buyers.

Take a N.A.P! . . . High Yield Questions only please!

The most successful sales professionals have the ability to ask the right question at the right time. We’ll develop the best questions and practice framing them for impact.

Sell me this pen . . . Stretching their comfort zone

An instructor led role-play will playfully yet purposely expose the gap between what your reps sound like now and what they should sound like to inspire trust and change with their prospects.

The Commodity of Time. . . . Qualify them in or qualify them out!

Time is valuable. If reps are spending time in “hope alley” with a prospect who wastes their time, they’re likely underestimating that cost. Reps will learn to get to “no” faster so they can protect their time.

Top 10 for all . . . Get them talking about what they want to talk about

From business issues (pain) to money issues (budget) and more, we’ll partner with your reps to discover the specific questions all of your reps should be asking their prospects.

The What & the How? . . . 10% is what, 90% is how!

Even when high yield questions are asked, they are often not asked correctly. We’ll work with your team to frame their questions for maximum impact.

Now you get to talk! . . . Reps are thinking “finally”!

We teach your reps to discover so that they can deliver a compelling story about how their solutions match the challenges that they just uncovered. A roadmap to the close.

Why wouldn’t they buy off us? . . . The logical outcome of the D1S2 process

Assuming that a rep did not qualify the prospect “out”, they’ve walked them through connect, discover, deliver and now it’s time for the close. It’s simply the outcome of the process! However, sometimes they need a gentle “nudge” and we’ll provide it.