Course Description:

When it comes to any type of solution-based sales process, 90 percent of sales managers want their team to be more solution oriented vs. jumping right in without relating to their customer.

The painful statistic: only 10 percent of clients consider sales people that call them to be solution or value-focused. No wonder the majority of someone’s pipeline stalls and ends in no decision at all. Both you and your competitors fail to make an inspiring reason for change. The inevitable outcome is status quo — 65 percent of all sales opportunities end in status quo with no decision being made.

What You Will Learn:

Market Intelligence Makes the World Go ‘Round!
If you are not adding value by educating your prospects on something that they have not yet learned or are undervaluing, it is your job to learn and monetize this. To accomplish this, you need insights that matter. Fail in this step and your only hope is to be the low-cost provider.

To Them, “we all sound the same”
Your buyers value about 13 percent of the features and benefits that your brochure says that they should value. Learn how to navigate this sea of similarity and have them view you and your solution completely differently than your competition.

Business Conversations vs. Sales Pitches
The Professor educates, while the Politician pitches. The conversation should be less about you, more about them. Learn how to educate and elevate the importance of the new insight and ignite action by getting them to say, “yes!”

Your Customers Have Evolved. Have You?
Era 1 sales professionals were viewed as “snake-oil” sales people. The value they offered lied in their offerings, not the client’s needs. Era 2 taught us to lead with questions to discover what the perceived need of the client was. The customer would coach the sales person on how they made purchasing decisions.

Era 3 is upon us. Much of Era 2 has survived and is still relevant. However, it’s not enough. Era 3 is where we, the outstanding sales professionals, don’t allow the client to self-diagnose themselves. Instead, we help steer the ship towards what a successful solution really looks like.

Why Buy from You
Unique Value Propositions (UVP’s) are why clients buy from you. The vast majority struggle heavily on what exactly it is that your organization does that makes you unique. Without first identifying what your customers should be valuing that you do well, you’ll never receive that value you deserve from your offerings.

Protect and Boost Your Margins
Have you heard of “lead to your unique value proposition” vs. “leading with your unique value proposition?” Well, if your team is not trained on this concept, you better be the low-cost provider or you’ll quickly learn that most buyers are better at beating your reps down on price, than we are at getting them to realize the value.

Customize to Optimize
Learn how to customize your talk tracks to each of the unique personas that you sell to. We’ll take each of the titles involved in your buying process from the client side and use New Velocity’s Value Grid to review how each of them deals with the four compelling reasons they take action.

Eliminate Death by Questioning
Solution fatigue is real. Asking too many of the wrong type of questions actually hurts your ability to close deals. While questions in discovery remain critical, we’ll ask fewer initial questions and begin adding value in an entirely new manner. Add value, educate with insight and become the valued partner.

New Conversation Flow
Welcome to the F.O.R.E. model, which focuses on the Educate, Elevate and Ignite process. Lead with reframing the client thought process via:

  1. Fear, uncertainty and doubt
  2. Opportunity for excellence – light at the end of the tunnel
  3. Rescuing them with your unique solution
  4. Elevating with evidence

This is a sales manager dream once complete. Additionally, the before and after talk tracks are legendary and will expedite the process of beating your number.

Who Should Take This Course:

Anyone in sales that needs to focus on controlling the customer conversation by educating their buyer with industry insights such as market intelligence, leading to their unique value proposition. This course is geared towards sales professionals, who are guiding prospects through the buying process, whether it be a net new business or a renewal. It can also be beneficial for any sales professional, who is talking to net new decision makers when trying to generate interest or book appointments.