Ongoing Leadership Development

We become what we think about. Leadership & management must go hand in hand. Managers are often taught to focus on deadlines but too many organizations fail to train their leaders to do more than that. Today’s effective leaders focus on the horizon. Our mission? To get each leader 100% focused on being the best business unit that your company has in their portfolio. WORLD LEADER Mentality! Explode your thinking.

Managers often lead out of habit, they don’t think about developing new habits until challenged to do so. The good news is that like any habit, they can be changed. Disciplines that all leaders must adhere to…

Be Clear – Discipline of Clarity
Be Prepared – Discipline of Preparation
Be Outstanding – Discipline of Positive

Leadership is an ongoing process comprised of multiple methods of influence targeted at maximizing the efforts of people, towards the achievement of a shared goal.


People only begin to become great when they decide upon their major definite purpose in life.
– Napoleon Hill


We know how to find OUTSTANDING talent. If your sales force is growing, New Velocity can help you locate and place impact players – that small percentage of the available workforce who can make a huge impact on your business. They’ll bring more than skill. They’ll bring energy and passion, and their effort won’t end just because the day does.

We focus on meeting a company’s individual cultural and business needs. Our approach brings together the right combination of scale, expertise, and methodology to match each client’s specific needs. There are no preconceived notions or cookie cutter processes, only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. With a full range of solutions, we give you the flexibility you want, at the pace you demand.


Whether you’re looking for a dynamic opening keynote for an audience of thousands, or a facilitator for an executive strategy session, New Velocity’s team will share a simple philosophy about attitude and how it’s tied to success. Our team has many interesting and rewarding professional experiences, which seamlessly translate into an enlightening and encouraging experience for your group. We’ll share our philosophy in an inspiring, entertaining manner that will leave everyone with a new outlook on what it means to be OUTSTANDING, and how to live it on a daily basis, regardless of the industry you’re in.