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Sales training is often treated like an event. One and done. We’re different. We believe that enhanced sales success is a result of changing behaviors, and more importantly, reinforcing them. Our sales training is a complete training system that takes place Online, Onsite and through Ongoing reinforcement. We call it a Skill Track.


New Velocity ONLINE: Virtual Velocity

Successful sales training starts with a strong foundation. At New Velocity, that foundation is New Velocity ONLINE, the most dynamic online sales training platform on the market. Not only is New Velocity ONLINE loaded with the same award-winning sales training we offer through our ONSITE classes, it’s available anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365.

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New Velocity ONSITE Classes

Our live ONSITE classroom training features engaging instructor-led education, relevant role-play exercises and activities designed to motivate, educate and activate sales reps to become the superstar version of themselves. Our ONSITE COURSES span the entire sales process from prospecting and presenting, to closing and follow-up. A typical class is one to two days and takes places in a relaxed atmosphere.

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I’ve gained more value out of the last day and a half than I did in five days of other training. New Velocity helps get us in the door. Excellent course.


New Velocity ONGOING Reinforcement

Go from knowing it to owning it! Because memories fade over time, the New Velocity Sales Training System includes ONGOING reinforcement designed to make our curriculum stick. Our ONGOING Menu includes fun and fast-paced webinars, complete sales meeting kits, dedicated team Power Hours and more.

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Bring it All Together

Our complete training system, or Skill Track, brings all three of our platforms – ONLINE, ONSITE and ONGOING – together to create a comprehensive training program designed to make sales training stick. Choose our Bronze, Silver or Gold Skill Track, or we’ll customize a Skill Track that fit your needs, time constraints and budget.

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