Optimizing Behavior Change

At New Velocity, we believe that improving sales success is the result of changing and reinforcing desired behaviors. We accomplish this via our sustainability program of Online, Onsite and Ongoing working together at various cadences, and with customized content, to meet our clients’ needs and developing new foundations of success that stick.


Successful training begins with a strong foundation. This means video-based virtual training accessible from anywhere and on any device. Thanks to our award-winning training platform, Virtual Velocity, users have access to their coursework available 24/7.

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Don’t want to leave the comfort of your office? Not a problem. We come to you. Or for those in the local area looking for onsite training away from their office, New Velocity provides training at one of North Carolina’s most prestigious golf courses – the Prestonwood Country Club. New Velocity’s live onsite classes feature instructor-led education, relevant role-play exercises and activities designed to motivate, educate and activate you.

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I’ve gained more value out of a day and a half onsite training with New Velocity than I did anywhere else. New Velocity has helped get my foot in the door with my prospects.



New Velocity provides ongoing training support via coaching sessions featuring our industry-leading Lightboard, morning meetings, gamification and role playing, ensures that the training sticks. Our SuperStudio sessions engage learners, while allowing teams to own the material and successfully incorporate it into their daily activities.

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Bring it All Together

Our complete training system brings all three of our platforms – online, onsite and ongoing — together to create a comprehensive training program designed to make sales training stick.

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