New Velocity ONGOING

Morning Meetings

Run a relevant, engaging sales meeting with just 5 minutes of prep time with a New Velocity Morning Meeting! Our Morning Meetings are a complete kit, designed to save your managers time. There are dozens of topics to choose from that will complement and support your Skill Track, as well as infuse new energy into your regular sales meetings.

Power Hour

Small teams can accomplish big things! During a New Velocity Power Hour one of our Client Services Representatives will lead your team during a fun & fast paced hour that focuses on exactly what the Sales Manager feels his or her team needs. One popular format includes 20 minutes of content review, 20 minutes of word-by-word role play exercises (designed to keep the participants alert) and 20 minutes of competitive gamification to keep your team interested and engaged. Or, if members of your team need individualized attention, use your allotted Power Hours for one-on-one Spotlight Sessions with reps and/or leaders.

Power Hour Plus

Connect with one of our trainers, during a post-certification hour-long course review. Your trainer will facilitate your Power Hour Plus, complete with role plays, gamification and the same energy they bring to their onsite classes. Your team will finish the hour motivated, educated and activated to become the superstar version of themselves!

Studio Session

Studio Sessions give your team the opportunity to reinforce New Velocity curriculum while they connect with sales reps in other industries and share ideas with a broader group. New Velocity Client Services offers several open enrollment webinars each week on a rotating basis, and registration is a snap at

Studio Session Plus

Once a month the New Velocity team will host a virtual question and answer session called New Velocity Hot Topics. Reps will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time as well as ask questions in real time.