New Velocity ONSITE

ONSITE at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC

When you hold training at your offices or at a local hotel or meeting site, you’re often facing small spaces, limited amenities and easily distracted reps. Instead, hold your ONSITE class at Prestonwood Country Club in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.

Prestonwood is located in the heart of Cary, NC (consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country), and is just a 15 minute drive from RDU. We’ll hold your training in one of Prestonwood’s comfortable and picturesque venues at no additional cost, and your team will enjoy meals created by Prestonwood’s award-winning culinary team. During class breaks we’ll hold putting contests and enjoy the grounds, and after class your reps can take advantage of the club’s amenities including 54-holes of golf, tennis courts, a gym, massage services and more. Your reps will love the experience of a New Velocity ONSITE classes at Prestonwood Country Club.

ONSITE at Your Location

Connect with your New Velocity instructor in a familiar setting when we travel to your home office or hometown for a traditional New Velocity ONSITE class. A typical ONSITE class is one to two days and takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Our live classroom training features instructor-led education, role play exercises and activities designed to immediately reinforce the concepts we teach. During select ONSITE classes, our instructors make LIVE calls into real prospects to demonstrate how our unique sales process works. Your sales reps will leave motivated and better equipped to make lasting changes.

Virtual Velocity LIVE

At New Velocity we understand that we’re not your only expense when you invest in sales training, especially when your reps are not all in one location.
While many of our customers agree that there’s no substitute for live ONSITE classes, Virtual Velocity LIVE, our live, remote, interactive class option, is the next best thing. It blends the benefits of instructor-led training with the convenience of a virtual classroom, and is an effective approach for a geographically diverse group of learners.

Our dedicated virtual studio is onsite at our offices in Cary, NC and utilizes the latest technology to connect your learners to our instructors. Your reps will join their Virtual Velocity LIVE course via their personal computer or laptop with just a few clicks. The instructors will teach the same curriculum that they teach during live ONSITE class, and your learners will participate in role play exercises, flash polls, competitive gamification and more, keeping them engaged and promoting collaboration.

Virtual Velocity LIVE offers your organization a cost-effective means of reaching more learners in more locations while also saving time and resources.